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Breast cancer is the most common cancers among women. A women’s chance of getting breast cancer is one in nine during her life time and it touches all of our lives.

I came across this great deal where you can save on Kitchenaid appliances when you shop at When you buy from the Kitchenaid Cook for the Cure® line, Kitchenaid will donate $10-$50 of your purchase to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Susan Komen was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1978, before much was known about the disease and she died at the age of 36. Suzy asked her sister Nancy Goodman Brinker to do everything possible to bring an end to breast cancer. Nancy kept her promise by establishing the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in Suzy’s memory.

Since 1982 the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation has been a global leader in the fight against breast cancer through its support of innovative research and community-based outreach programs in the US and internationaly. The Komen Foundation is fighting to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease by funding research grants and supporting education, screening and treatment projects in communities around the world.
One person can make a difference, shop now and support a great cause.

The bathroom gets a lot of traffic and can be a challenge to keep clean. Here are a few ways you can keep your bathroom cleaner on a regular basis.

  • Try Watkins organic cleaner in your liquid hand soap dispenser, this will prevent the soap scum and dirt build up in your bathroom sink when washing your hands. A daily swipe with your soapy hands will dislodge shaving hairs and dirt so you can rinse them down the drain.
  • Avoid bathtub ring by adding a bit of Watkins bubble bath or organic cleaner to the bath water.
  • Keep your shower stall and tub sparkling by spraying the interior with Watkins tub and tile cleaner right after you are done showering and giving it a quick wipe. You only need to do this about once a week to keep on top of soap scum and mineral deposits.
  • Give your toilet a quick swab every day or so with the soft bowl brush from Watkins and a few drops of organic cleaner.

Regular use of Watkins tub and tile cleaner will prevent the build up of everyday dirt, soap scum, mildew and mineral deposits. The citric acid formula is powerful, yet has no irritating fumes so you’ll breathe easier. Works well for cleaning the sink, counter top, tub, shower enclosures and tile. For best results and to avoid waste use the optional trigger sprayer that’s available.
For cleaning the toilet and other tough bathroom cleaning problems Watkins Bathroom Cleaner Plus will quickly and easily make short work of it. This effective yet biodegradable bowl cleaner clings to vertical surfaces for better cleaning, plus doubles as a hard-surface cleaner for tubs, tile, porcelain, grout, and fiberglass. Eliminates rust, lime, and offensive odor as it cleans. We like the pleasant cherry-almond scent. Bathroom Cleaner plus is powerful so for best results start at the bottom of your tub or shower and spread the cleaner upwards as you’re cleaning to prevent clean drip lines.

For a heavy duty build up of rust, lime and other mineral deposits in your toilet bowl you need the professional strength of Watkins Toilette Bowl Cleanser. Extremely hard water can result in embarrassing stains that simply will not come out. When nothing else on the market will get your bowl clean this will, it will even make an old stained bowl will look like brand new! It cleans, deodorizes and disinfects, yet is safe for septic tanks. Extremely powerful; for use on vitreous china only. Depending on your water hardness use once a week or so to prevent future mineral deposit build up.

You can find these products through a local Watkins dealer or by visiting my Watkins Online Store to have them delivered right to you door.

We are pet lovers, as are millions of other North Americans. Keeping your house clean with a pet or two in the family can be a challenge. Pet hair, dirt, muddy paws and accidents are all a fact of life when you are a pet owner. Here are a few ideas to simplify keeping house with pets.

Only allow your pet into certain rooms of your home to contain dirt and hair to a small area rather than let them roam freely. My parents didn’t allow our dogs into the carpeted areas of our house. This kept the carpets clean much longer. Our dogs were well trained and knew they were not allowed on the carpet. They were happy to have the run of the rest of the house. My friend only allows her dogs into the mud room which makes the daily sweeping quick and easy. We keep the door closed to the spare bedroom to keep the cat out, she loves to sleep on that bed when we aren’t looking and leaves dirt and hair behind.

Another solution is to have your dog’s bed near the door so if he or she comes indoors with dirty paws they can curl up on their bed until they are dried off and cleaner. Our dogs go directly to their bed when they come inside so any dirt and hair is contained in their bedding. Depending on the weather their bedding needs a quick shake outdoors regularly and washing every few weeks or so. You can also use an old towel to wipe muddy paws at the door. If paws are really muddy rinse them in a small bucket of warm water and dry them with an old towel.

If your dog or cat prefers to sleep on your bed or upholstered furniture cover their favorite nap location with a towel or small blanket that can be easily washed.

For smaller pets like hamsters place their cage inside a low sided box to contain shavings they kick out of their cage when playing.

Our feathered friends seem to love to spread their seeds and feathers everywhere. Place their food dish as low as possible in their cage. A pretty fabric enclosure will help keep the flying debris inside the cage.

Oops, accidents do happen when you have pets!
To remove any unpleasant odors left behind when your pet has an accident use Watkins Pet Odor Eliminator, it works wonders. This safe, natural based bacterial digestant attacks odors at the source. Just spray on the accident scene to permanently eliminate odors. Great for eliminating cat urine odors indoors and out.

For accidents on carpets use Watkins Stain Pro Rug Cleaner, it’s safe for use on any rug or carpet, even “stain-resistant” carpets. The anionic surfactants and cultivated bacterial strains dissolve and digest tough stains and odors left by food and other organic sources such as pet urine, vomit or feces. We use Watkins rug cleaner when training our puppies to prevent them from returning to the same spot to do their business.

Pets are part of the family but they don’t have to cause you a lot of extra house work. They’ll be happy to stay in their place, love them and enjoy them!